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Augmented reality games are the go. No matter where you are located – on holiday, at lunch, travelling or just chilling out – they are geared to entertain and inform.

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Teachers are taking on augmented reality (AR) as a new tool for immersing students into an environment they may be unable to experience for any number of reasons – location, access, distance, time, financial expense, health and safety.

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Some augmented reality apps offer the chance for students in remote inland country areas to study coastal environments or travel to Mars to study its geology without leaving the classroom .


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Lessons can be presented as simulated scenarios using mobile devices. Or the student’s view of the natural environment through virtual reality (VR) glasses can be manipulated by imposing fictional video layers over the surroundings.

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Students can experience lessons in the present, future or go back in time to the world of the Pharaohs in Egypt or the age of the dinosaurs before the big asteroid hit Earth.

This type of lesson connects theory with practical experiences in the field, office or the lab, allowing teachers to guide students through a maze of new concepts, facts, methods and perspectives about all kinds of topics, for example, science, history, art, music or architecture.


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Most people cannot go about their daily tasks without checking their mobile devices; and innovative technologies are streamlining curriculum activities, enabling students to study remotely online or coordinate their studies with work commitments.

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Salty Wave can assist develop VR scenarios for students to learn from by video. AR caters for the different methods individuals learn information – listening, writing, practical experience or visualising – and it is an exciting platform for teachers to create lessons that will inspire students to take on new challenges by the careers they follow, through study.

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Living and working are made simpler through the opportunities offered in the virtual world of augmented reality.

So change up the reality of your learning design and contact Salty Wave about video production.

Written by Gabrielle Ahern Salty Wave #saltywave #contentcreation #exploremore


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