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Why Promo Science Videos are the New Black

Science is certainly on the tip of the tongue, no matter the conversation, science in some intangible way is a part of everything we do and say. The reason why? All life and matter on Earth and out in space is part of a long-time research study or is about to be. The data scientists collect informs and guides our every move. Promotional videos highlight the strengths of your research, and how it might help others play a better hand in life. For this reason, promo science videos are the new black.

Whenever you turn on a tv program, snap on the radio or switch to social media, science data is informing the story, from statistics, percentages, graphs, and pie charts to poll results and observational reports – this information gives weight to a story and substantiates the subject matter expert’s opinion. Through visual storytelling your knowledge is highlighted, and interest in your message can be escalated, opening new avenues for research funding or initiate greater awareness and understanding.

"Science is a part of everyone’s everyday life."

Bill Nye

















The pressure to meet research deadlines and submit papers for peer review can take up precious time. Time you need to take a break or connect with colleagues. If you watch promotional videos, they capture a small chunk of your research life, which is mainly dedicated to developing technical applications, solving a problem, or finding a treatment.

A video shows what your research is tackling and by throwing that chunk of information into the jungle of social media, you’ll find a lot of hungry minds keen to chomp on it. Without a promo science video as a lure, awareness about your research might not go any further than the laboratory door. Just think, your promo could be the new black for those with ‘the teeth’ to take on the fascinating bite of information your research offers.

Connect with Salty Wave® to find out how I can refocus the worlds gaze on your research through the production of promo science videos. I work with you from the start of the project right through to its completion.

Written by Gabrielle Ahern

Originally published 9 May 2023

A photo of a female scientist with curly dark hair in a laboratory wearing a laboratory coat. She is using a microscope to view an unknown specimen. There are shelves in front of her and glass beakers on the desk beside her.
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