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At Salty Wave the focus is on creating innovative video solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your science.

Salty Wave strives to provide the best customer service and ensure the videos produced are of the highest quality.


To make sure you get the best value for your money, request a catalogue with all the information you need to know about Salty Wave and the videos you're interested in via SMS or email.

Let Salty Wave turn your story
into a visual masterpiece.


Do you film on location?

Yes. Salty Wave films on location, in the laboratory, or out in the field. All the necessary requirements for filming on site are discussed, approved and scheduled before the project commences.

What’s involved in video production?

A video production has three main parts: 



Preproduction phase is where the project is researched, and the script and story board written, based on the topic, branding, and information required in the video. The scheduling of the filming sessions is organized, and any special requirements are planned for the production phase. 

Production phase is where the vision / speaking parts outlined in the script are filmed on location in the laboratory, out in the field, or a recording studio with camera, sound, and lighting gear. Pieces to camera (where a presenter or subject matter expert talks directly to camera), interviews, and voice overs are recorded (if required) on site or in a recording studio (a quiet room with sound insulation). 

Postproduction phase is where all the elements of the production come together in the video presentation. The editor uses a software editing program to create a new video project incorporating vision, natural sound, music tracks, graphic titles, captioning, transitions, video and sound effects. Before the final video is delivered, the video is viewed by the client for approval and any adjustments are made.    

How long is the production phase of a video project?

The length of the video production depends on the type of video and the budget. Explainer or promotional videos might take approximately a couple of weeks, a month or maybe more, following completion of script writing, filming sessions, and editing phases. A documentary might take several weeks or in some cases, a few years to produce, depending on the subject matter, length, and the nature of the story being told. The scheduling and location of filming depends on the individual video project.  


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