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Turning complex and highly fact based information into engaging stories that educate and entertain your audience through story telling and content production.


Gabrielle Ahern

"I have always been intrigued by science while enjoying the creative side of things. What I really enjoy is making the complex simple by creating engaging stories."

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Springer Nature

Queensland Brain Institute

Dive In Australia

Institute for Molecular Bioscience


Sorrel Bunting, Head of Communities and Engagement, Springer Nature

"Gabrielle worked with Springer Nature and the Queensland Brain Institute over a number of years to manage, curate, and promote the npj Science of Learning Community –

a Community blog bringing together all those with an interest in education and learning research. During her time working with and managing the Community, Gabrielle built a number of strong relationships with relevant stakeholders and teams around the world and we have seen the latest research shared and celebrated alongside other interesting content related to diverse areas of education and learning.

Huge thanks to Gabrielle for her dedication to the Community and enthusiasm to share and promote the latest research!"

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