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Who We Are


To create awareness about the value of science research worldwide.

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Trees and Cliff


Produce captivating science videos that make a lasting impact, while maintaining a zero carbon footprint.


Respectful - We respect the diversity of research represented by all contributors to the global science community, inclusive of ancient knowledge, modern day advancements and discoveries, and Indigenous scientific inventiveness. 

Resilient - We never ever give up.

Sustainable -  All our activities follow sustainable practices to support a healthy environment that nurtures wildlife and plant communities.

Mindful - We are mindful of other people, their perspectives, and feelings, by being diligent, creative and flexible in our approach to the work, and polite and considerate in how we behave, respond and communicate as a team.

Ethical - High ethical and professional standards are checked and maintained in respect to science research throughout all stages of a project: when working with a researcher, during a laboratory experiment, a field study, attending an event, or an interview.

Resourceful - We are prepared for any situation, and can think outside of the box to apply alternative solutions with vigour.

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Salty Wave Habitats

Salty Wave joined the ECO Community in 2018 and pledged to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions.

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