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Why are podcasts good for business?

Podcasts are a popular alternative to watching videos, television programs and films. In 2021, listening to podcasts featuring real life events and people, such as sport, crime, comedy, and finance, attracted the attention of listeners in Australia.

In 2022, the worldwide phenomenon moved listeners more toward comedy and science-based programs (The Guardian, Timeout). So, what is driving the podcast revolution?

Technology has made podcasts easily available via mobile phones and there are literally thousands of podcast programs that reflect the diverse interests of people everywhere. Podcasts are produced not just for adult audiences but children as well.

You can listen to shows whenever you have some time free at work or home, and while on the move while exercising or travelling. There are also a wide range of topics that are not only fun and entertaining but educational.

If you have a particular interest you’d like to know more about, you’ll always find a podcast featuring that content.

Podcasts are a great way for sole traders and businesses to talk about their products and services. Programs adopt different styles of presentation, which makes them more enjoyable to listen to.

For example, presenters might interview guests from a professional field, share personal experiences, historical events are re-lived through the memories of others or bestselling books are narrated by a celebrity.

It is for this reason that podcasts have found popularity with mainstream audiences because everyone likes to learn through the experience of others. This is where a podcast is a good move for business.


When you consider the expertise you offer to customers, you can create a podcast that demonstrates your skills and the professional experiences you’ve had. Sharing your knowledge is a positive approach to earning trust.  

Podcasts help your business reach out to other people in the community. Someone might be researching information online and discover the services and products you offer by listening to your podcast.

It can be advantageous professionally and personally because you develop a following of dedicated listeners who tune into your program each week. In addition, you can share news about your business and offer listeners special discounts and deals.

If you’re interested in creating a podcast and would like to know more, please contact me via SMS, email or contact form on the website.  

Let’s connect and collaborate!

Written by Gabrielle Ahern

Originally published 14 July 2022

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