My Story

In the world of science, researchers pursue ground-breaking discoveries every day to improve our understanding of life on Earth and outer space. The technical jargon the scientific community uses in formal science reports and white papers makes sense to its specialised audience. 

Science research focusses on many topics, such as the spectacular workings of the human body or developing innovative technologies to future proof human society and the environment. And any spare time research teams have is invested in writing funding applications or Journal articles. So, one of the hurdles researchers have in communicating how important their incredible discoveries are to the everyday consumer, is overcoming the complexity of scientific language. 

My background is a highly creative one, where I use technology to produce media for videos, infographics, blogs, and podcasts. But I am also qualified with a science degree and research experience, so I understand the science working behind the scenes. I can translate the technical jargon researchers use; into everyday language the right audience will understand. 



Simplifying the language of science allows people to connect with the research, learn more about new discoveries, and appreciate how research impacts their everyday life. I can expand the reach of your science reports by creating content that enducates and entertains your audience. 

Contact me to discuss how I can assist translate the technical jargon of your science into engaging stories for the global community.


Gabrielle Ahern
Manager / Content Creator
Salty Wave



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